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Garden Holiday Chile and Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands

Your garden and nature holiay of a lifetime visiting Chile and the Falkland Islands departing 23 November!

In one of the most exciting holiday packages  ever offered, you will visit Chile, that amazing ‘land of contrasts’ with snow-capped volcanoes, towering glaciers and spectacular flora and fauna, with the unique thrill of travelling to the remote Falkland Islands.

You begin in the Chilean capital, Santiago, a huge city of shining skyscrapers and beautiful parks. We tour the National Park of La Campana (in the footsteps of Charles Darwin) before flying south to Punta Arenas and the Torres del Paine National Park. Two full days are set aside to do justice to the extraordinary range of plants, birds and animals to be found here in the magnificent desolation of Patagonia, and we have also included a boat trip to Lake Grey and the Grey Glacier.

We then fly from Punta Arenas to the Falkland Islands, situated 400 miles off the coast of South America in the South Atlantic Ocean. The Falklands offer fresh air, big skies and an abundance of wildlife, much of which is very tame and approachable – we will discover that the penguins have no hesitation in coming up to investigate visitors! There are also elephant seals, sea lions and albatross among other birds and animals and in the course of our stay we will visit several different islands providing endless photo opportunities and an unforgettable experience of life on these unspoilt and proudly British islands.

The tour is led by Colin Crosbie Former curator of RHS Wisley. It departs on 23rd November. £8995.
For brochure visit www.greatbritishgardens.co.uk/garden-holidays.html  or telephone 01666 825390