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Planting Snowdrops in your garden

Time to plant Snowdrops in your garden – what should I do?


 Snowdrops will bring a burst of joy into your garden when they flower, which can be any time between mid-January and mid-March. Much depends on the weather conditions, the colder it is the longer it will take them to appear.

Where to plant?
It is best to plant snowdrops in drifts in a semi shaded area of your garden. They can be planted either in borders or in grass (so long as it remains quite short) and preferably in wooded areas.
They will always look good in a corner of your garden, perhaps with a combination of aconites, crocuses, cyclamen and hellebores.

You can also plant them in pots of any size for great outdoor displays.


How to plant and where to buy.
It is recommended that you plant snowdrops in the green. This means whilst they are flowering or just after flowering. You can buy plants online or by mail-order in quantities of around 50 at a time or you can divide existing clumps.

The snowdrops should be plant at a depth twice their size, just part the soil and insert them. Although they will initially droop but they should pick up within a couple of days.

We made the mistake of dividing clumps and then replanting the divided clumps without separating them. It is much better to plant the snowdrops in ones, twos or threes about a foot apart and then over the years they will become a carpet of white.


It may seem to take a long time before you have the displays that you want but don't delay, believe me, the years flash by , so plant them now!